December Stamp of the Month Blog Hop - Amore

Nov 30, 2010
What a crazy time of year!  Congratulations for taking some time for yourself to see the awesome art on this month's Blog Hop.  I'm so impressed with how many different directions people took this stamp set, aren't you?  If you're just starting, you are in for a treat!

If you arrived from Lori's Blog, you are on the right track.  Of course, you can start anywhere in the hop and make it all the way around.

My project for this month is a simple card.  I love the simplicity of this set and just wanted to use two of my favorite colors, Smoothie and Pear, to design a card for my husband.  It was our 16th anniversary this month so Amore was a perfect set for me to be playing around with this week.

I used two types of masking on this card.  For the hearts, I stamped the smoothie heart first on the white paper and again on a post-it note.  I cut out the post it note, and used it to cover the heart on the white paper.  Then, I stamped the Pear heart.  The post it note protected the Smoothie image, so that the pear heart looks like it is behind the first one.

In the sentiment image, I used clear tape to cover up the words in the frame and stamped the frame first in Pear ink.  Then, I did the reverse and covered the frame so that I could stamp the words in smoothie.

Using tape is cover what you want to NOT stamp, add ink to the image, then remove the tape (be careful, it's inky!).  Finally, stamp the image on the paper. 

I added ribbon and opaques to finish off this card.  A shout out to my husband of 16 years, Scott.  He is a huge part of everything I do and I know he doesn't always get the appreciation he deserves.  Thank you, Honey, I love you!! 

Okay, enough sappy sentiment - on to the rest of the Blog Hop!  Head off here to Wanda's Blog and I'll see you on the next pass through!
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